As well as being an Older Peoples Service, St. Joseph’s can also provide care and support for adults over the age of 18.

In December a 42 year old man with multiple sclerosis moved in to our home.

Unlike other residents he did not have a lot of support and visitors were rare. Denise, Mandy, Kim and Jessie are four Care Assistants that built a friendship with this gentleman, by proving person-centred care and forming a friendship in their Free Time, they decorated his room and took him to the West End in London. With their support he fulfilled his wish to go Christmas Shopping so he could buy presents for his children.

The four carers invited him to barbeques and other events and made him feel part of their families.

They helped this gentleman to live the life he wanted to and Home Manager, Alison, proudly agreed: These ladies made the last two years of his life much more enjoyable.