The Artist – Tye Green Lodge

Tony was born in Battersea in 1924 – one of three children He grew up in Battersea going to St Peters School – it was at school that Tony discovered his love & talent for painting.

Tony’s love of painting is obvious, looking in his bedroom it is more like a Mini Art Gallery than a bedroom.

He joined us in Tye Green in April 2011 & came with boxes of paintings – after getting to know Tony I asked him if he would like his paintings put on the wall ‘’he didn’t think it would be allowed ‘’ he & I set too & put as many pictures as we could on his wall ‘him instructing & me doing the donkey work -- after we finished he said he was sad because he wouldn’t be able to continue with his painting in the Home – after a discussion with the Manager we asked his granddaughter to bring his easel & paints in & we provided him with a lockup cupboard in which to keep them& the keys of which are held by him & 2 others - he has since produced yet another wonderful Landscape.

We are fortunate at Tye Green to have such a talented man with us – As well as Tony’s bedroom a number of his pictures are displayed in Tye Green Lodges’ reception area.