The Table Top Shop Freda Gunton Lodge

The Table Top Shop Freda Gunton Lodge

Staff at Freda Gunton Lodge were concerned that some of their more frail residents who preferred not to go out of the Home for shopping were therefore limited in their ability to buy things for themselves. Of course, residents are able to ask their key workers or family members to buy things for them but staff are aware of the importance of promoting individual choice and prolonging residents’ independence.

Although the Home is fortunate enough to have a group of volunteers who come in every fortnight to provide a trolley based, home shopping facility, staff thought that perhaps we could offer more.

The idea was generated and the decision taken to open the Freda Gunton Lodge Table Top Shop.

On Friday mornings one of the residents runs a chair based, exercise to music class. Once this has finished, the shop opens. The shop sells a range of products including toiletries, confectionary, fresh flowers, stationery and drinks. Residents are able to make their own purchases or can place orders for items that they would like the shop to stock in the future.

We hope that this is going to be particularly helpful for people who want to buy presents for family members or friends but who don’t feel able to get out into town themselves.

The shop has only recently opened for business and we hope that it will develop and grow in the coming months and years.