MHL Leadership Support Programme

The MHL Leadership Support Programme helps the Essex care home sector in a meaningful way.

MHL Leadership Support Programme

The MHL Leadership Support Programme helps the Essex care home sector in a meaningful way. It celebrates positive practice and communicates the vital role that care homes provide for our most vulnerable citizens.

The Programme supports care home managers to promote change and develop good practice in their care homes. In the last five years, over 150 care home managers in Essex have completed the Programme, using it to help improve relationship-centred care in their homes.

Outcomes reported by managers on the programme include:

  • Increased resilience, less risk from ‘burn-out’
  • Improved skills and strategies to drive forward transformation
  • A calmer more relational environment in which to live and work
  • Reduced staff turnover and sickness
  • Opportunities to drive forward quality agendas
  • Improved relationships with external agencies

Overall, the programme has demonstrated that it contributes positively to supporting the quality of life of residents, relatives, staff – and the managers themselves.

Managers who have completed the programme have told us: 

It’s like turning on a light bulb, suddenly things become clear.

We’ve all got the same kind of problems cropping up, it’s great to know you’re not alone and when we talk through the problems the solutions become clearer.

It’s been really helpful for my personal development as well as beneficial to the home. It’s given me the confidence to stand up for doing things right, it’s very motivating.

How does it work?

Each group is comprised of approximately 15 care home managers guided and supported by a professional facilitator. Over a twelve month period, they advance their skills; engage with the evidence-based, relationship-centred practice, in order to resolve the complex everyday issues that impact upon service quality.

The programme begins with a four-day introductory workshop (2x2 days), followed by regular half-day Action Learning meetings over nine months. Managers become part of a wider movement for social change. Using the principle of experiential learning through action and with the intention of improving practice, the continuous process of learning and reflection is supported by the whole group.

Evidence shows that people learn best when they learn from each other, by working on real issues and by reflecting on their own experiences. The sessions are confidential ‘safety zones’ to support them in being honest and open. With the managers’ permission, the learning can be shared more widely and as a result, the community and statutory services are better able to understand how they can support and work with care homes to deliver a better quality of life.

A care home manager from Clacton said: 

It [the leadership support programme] has changed my life as a person and our life as a care home.

For more information please contact April Lawlor, Quality Innovations Consultant.