Do you know someone who is going the extra mile to help make sure that people living in residential care can enjoy the best possible quality of life?

MHLE Awards

Do their efforts deserve to be publically recognised? If so, you might like to consider nominating them for a My Home Life Essex award.

Anyone who is making an outstanding contribution is eligible, whatever their age or position. Awards have gone to people in direct contact with residents, such as volunteers, care home staff, school pupils etc., but also to people who have given their time and skills to support and promote the aims of My Home Life in other ways.

Awards take the form of a Certificate and a Transcript giving a brief description of the nominee’s contribution. This is usually presented with some ceremony and publicised, if the Award holder agrees, on the website, in newsletters and, where possible, in the local press. Sometimes, nominees are building a portfolio, for example, as part of a training course. In that case, transcripts are linked to the relevant requirements in order to make them as helpful as possible if they are included as evidence.

If you would like more information about the Award Scheme, or would like to nominate somebody you know, please get in touch with:

Janet Russell
01621 868984