Provider Support Programme

The Provider Support Programme is a new initiative that offers training support to care providers in Essex.

Provider Support Programme

Designed to make high quality training available locally, the programme has been devised by Essex County Council, and monitored by the ECC.

The idea behind the programme is to work in partnership with care providers to promote excellence in learning and best value for money.

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The programme started in September 2009 with a review of all local care providers. Those who expressed an interest in the programme were grouped into consortium with similar providers, the idea being to share training resources and best practice with each other. In 2013/2014 the Provider Support Programme supported 418 care provider organisations to access a total of 1968 fully funded training sessions.

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Training, of course, costs money. The consortium approach delivers a more effective way to share knowledge and skills. Consortium members are able to discuss individual training needs with each other and share resources and best practice information.

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Consortium members are expected to:

  • Engage with other consortium members by sharing knowledge, information and best practices
  • Attend consortium meetings where required
  • Share in-house or bought-in training with other consortium members
  • Support Essex County Council in ensuring the consortium benefits its members and reaches its goals
  • Assess the quality of training resourced by consortium members and Essex County Council
  • Provide annual reports to Essex County Council

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There are many reasons to join the Provider Support Programme:

  • Access to fully-funded training from Essex County Council when available
  • Identify and request the training courses you need, when you need it
  • Save costs by sharing training and venues
  • Reduce travel by sharing training resources with local care providers
  • Access to fully funded Train the Trainer courses from Essex County Council when available, enabling staff to deliver in-house training when required

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Provider Support Programme

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Tel: 03330 131390