Jan Lockyer is the Programme Manager for FaNs. As well as overseeing the programme as a whole, she takes the lead in developing the local networks of FaNs.
07881 368620

Debbie Tanner is the Development Officer for the MHLECA. She specialises in all aspects of volunteering, leads the Community Visitors project, helps care homes set up relatives groups etc. and offers local support to people referred by the advice line.
0845 017 1095

Janet Russell is the Company Secretary of the MHLECA. She looks after the award scheme and assists Jan with all aspects of the FaNs programme. She is also responsible for developing the resource directory and coaching and mentoring element of FaNs.
01621 868984

Ethna Harbrow is a member of the MHLECA Board and a former care home manager. She takes the lead in preparing “case studies” of good practice, ideas and projects that care home managers are willing to share with their colleagues. She is also on the lookout for potential peer to peer mentors and buddies.
07807 712647