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Do you want to work for the FaNs Network? We are for looking for someone to join our team, helping to connect older people living in care homes with their community. We are looking for someone ideally living in the Maldon, Braintree or Colchester areas. The position is for 2 days a week (on a flexible basis) and the candidate will need a reliable car. Please see the full job description below!


FaNs Network Project Coordinator

Known locally as Friends & Neighbours (FaNs), our projects help older people living in care homes across Essex to enjoy the best possible quality of life through meaningful engagement with their wider communities. This gives residents a sense of purpose, enables them to make independent choices and helps to alleviate physical and mental wellbeing which is often associated with loneliness and social isolation.

Your key responsibilities will include:

· Developing relationships with local care homes and using these relationships to identify needs of their elderly residents.

· Developing relationships with local communities including community groups, individuals and companies who can support our FaNs projects.

· Gaining commitment to FaNs projects from everyone involved explaining the goals, timelines, and expectations. Where appropriate ensure a risk assessment is completed before a project can go ahead.

· Producing project plans, regularly reporting progress and gathering evidence of contacts with care homes, outcomes including attendance, photos and quotes from care home residents, staff, volunteers, family or friends involved.

· Assisting the charity with social media updates and where required, provide information to help the charity with its reporting to funders.

· Attending regular meetings virtually and occasionally meet face to face within North/Mid Essex.

This role will suite someone who is driven to achieve outcomes, able to work independently and as part of a small team, able to plan projects and communicate these effectively, is passionate about helping others, can build successful relationships and work flexibly.

A successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following behaviours:

· Attention to detail and excellent organisational skills. Simplifying how we work and maintaining accurate and relevant information will drive efficiency and ensure the operational team is able to spend more time delivering outcomes for our beneficiaries.

· Active listening. Developing communication with members of your team through active listening skills demonstrates that you value their input and aim to work towards a mutual understanding and enhances your ability to work on a team effectively.

· Understanding your role. To be successful you must understand your responsibilities and how these fit with the responsibilities of the operational team and Trustees.

· Strong communication skills. Communication is key to working effectively in a team. Most team positions require some level of experience with written and vocal communication. The most successful team members achieve goals by communicating and coordinating well with their team.

· Problem Solving. No matter how prepared a team is, issues arise. Strong team players handle these unforeseen problems with grace and a solution-based mentality.

· Flexibility. Team players are aware of the importance of making time in schedules to help others. It’s important that you’re ready to help out if needed, but also balance your own responsibilities.

· Respect. This can take several forms:

- Being aware of people’s area of expertise and defer to them during parts of the project that they’re best at.

- Trying to get to know members of your team and realize that they’re also people doing their best. Lend a hand if needed, and don’t be afraid to ask others to help you. It’ll show that you appreciate and notice their skills.

- Maintaining a positive attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude, even when times get tough, exhibits a strong team player. When mistakes happen or problems pop up, a great team player doesn’t dwell on it — they’re optimistic and focused on making improvements for the future.

- Being willing to learn from others. Despite how experienced an employee is in their field, they always have the potential to learn more. A productive team player embraces new information and uses it to grow.

A successful candidate must also:

- Hold a valid UK driving licence and access to a reliable vehicle to be able to regularly visit local care homes.

- Be DBS checked within the last 6 months. This can be paid for by the charity if one is not available.

- Have a reliable mobile phone service to keep in contact. We will pay you a monthly allowance for your phone.

Who are the My Home Life Essex Community Association (MHLECA)?

MHLECA are the charity behind FaNs Network, operating predominantly across North-East and Mid-Essex, covering Braintree, Maldon, Colchester, and Tendring. We are recognised as the 'go to' charity for Essex statutory organisations (including North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Essex County Council and Local Community Volunteering Services) needing to connect to a diverse care home sector.

Hours: 14 hours per week flexibly over 3-4 days per week

Pay: £15 per hour plus travel expenses and allowance for phone charges

To apply, please send your CV to;


My Home Life Essex Community Association is the charity behind FaNs Network Essex

Registered address: Edmund Carr LLP. 146 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 0AW

Tel: 01245 261818. Email hello@fansnetwork.org Website www.mhlec.org

Registered Charity Number 1153084 Company Number 07298494