The importance of intergenerational relationships

When the youngest and the oldest generations meet, magic happens!

When our youngest and oldest generations come together, it brings so much fun. So today we're concentrating on Nikki from Cheeky Childcare. Nikki has been a supporter of our "UP" project for a number of years now and is well known in care home circles. She is dedication to providing top class care to her children and ensuring their relationships with older people is always fun and positive. Here's what Nikki said;

Cheeky Childcare
Care home creative play is fun for everyone

At Cheeky Child Care, fostering connections between generations is at the heart of what we do. Since 2017, in collaboration with the FaNs network, we've had the privilege of bringing children into local care homes across Essex, igniting moments of joy and companionship for all involved.

Intergenerational care has proven to be a resounding success, offering profound benefits for both children and elderly residents alike. Children, free from judgment, naturally gravitate towards the residents, fostering a sense of ease and understanding. In a world where extended families may not always be nearby, or where grandparents are younger and less available, these interactions provide invaluable opportunities for connection and learning.

Our observations have revealed many positive outcomes. Children eagerly soak up the attention and wisdom shared by residents, whether through captivating stories or heartwarming songs or a painting activity.

As they enter the care homes, their infectious energy fills the atmosphere, sparking increased socialisation, smiles, and laughter. For residents grappling with conditions like dementia, anxiety, or depression, these interactions offer moments of solace and comfort, creating a more tranquil environment and sparking memories of youth.

For me personally, intergenerational care holds a profound significance. Fond memories of accompanying my Nan on her WRVS meals delivery routes during school holidays fuel my passion for bridging generational gaps. These cherished experiences underscore the timeless value of forging connections, creating lasting memories, and evoking nostalgia.

As we embark on each visit, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and foster bonds that bridge generations. These moments, woven into the fabric of our childcare philosophy, enrich lives in ways that are immeasurable and enduring.

Nikki Roberts, Director. Cheeky Childcare

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