Care Home Friends and Neighbours (FaNs)

Older people in care homes really benefit from continued involvement with people from their wider community

Good friends and neighbours enjoy each others’ company and help each other out. Sometimes it’s just a shared joke or a friendly word. Sometimes it’s a common interest that’s twice as much fun when it’s shared. Sometimes it’s a helping hand at the right time. Always, it’s caring about the people around us. For most of us, that’s one of the best things in life and we know it’s important both for happiness and for health.

Even in the best of residential care homes and however good the staff, it can be too easy for people to lose contact with people outside their care home community and to feel that its just not possible to do things which were a big part of their lives. That’s where our FaNs come in.

Read about our Volunteer Essex Care Home FaNs and what they get out of their involvement with older people living in our care homes.