Braintree Care Home Residents Wishes

Explore the care home residents wishes available in Braintree, could you make one come true?

Isabella's Wish

Isabella is 99 years old and rode a scooter for years, so she would love to see one (or some) and maybe even have the opportunity to sit on one?

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Betty's Wish

Betty is 94 years old and would love to dance again. Ballroom dancing was a big thing for Betty and her husband, but Betty is now in a wheelchair and is unable join in. Are you a dancer? Do you know some ballroom dancers? If so, please let us know.

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Joyce's Wish

Joyce is 90 years old and she would really like to meet some Chelsea players with her son and grandchildren. She's a massive Chelsea fan so this would be incredible!

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John's Wish

John, age 89 would love to go to the races, go behind the scenes and meet the jockeys.

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Joy's Wish

Joy is 87 and would love to go to a pantomime again and have a chat with the actors too. Can you make her wish come true? Oh yes you can....

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