Maldon Care Home Residents Wishes

Explore the care home residents wishes available in Maldon, could you make one come true?

Linda's Wish

Linda is a HUGE George Clooney fan and would love to meet a George Clooney lookalike (or even a message from the man himself if you can manage it). If you can help, please get in contact.

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Freda's Wish

Freda, age 98 loves donkey's and would love the chance to visit a sanctuary.

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Myra's Wish

Myra age 80 would love to drive a digger, can you help?

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Tracey's Wish

Tracey, 55 is living with advanced dementia and would love to visit the zoo.

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Multiple Residents

Multiple residents at a home in Maldon are keen to have a ride in a hot air balloon.

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