Colchester Care Home Residents Wishes

Explore the care home residents wishes available in Colchester, could you make one come true?

Maurice's Wish

Maurice is 91 years old and would absolutely love to have a ride in a Limo to an old mansion or stately home and to learn the history about it?

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Bob's Wish

Bob is 90 and his wish is to be able to play a couple of rounds of golf! He was an avid golfer back in the day, but he'd definitely need a golf buggy to help him get around.

Crouched Friars

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Russell's Wish

Russell is a huge Abba fan, and would love an Abba experience or even the chance to see an Abba tribute?

Crouched Friars

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Hazel's Wish

Hazel would love an adrenaline adventure! We're not too sure what that means, but we're sure our FaNs community will come up with some ideas!

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Liz's Wish

Liz would love to do some karaoke and dancing at night time! We think this lovely lady has earned her night out, so if you can help, please get in touch.

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