This mother & son granted a wish and found pleasure in spending one hour making someone's day! son Thomas and I visited 81 year old Hector yesterday at his residential care home to fulfil his wish on the Wishing Washing Line appeal, a joint initiative between our local Tesco store and FaNs, to talk with someone about his days in the RAF. Who better than a rookie cadet and his sad plane spotter Mum! We took Hector a big box of biscuits and spent an hour with him listening to his memories and being told all about his family. Hector seemed to enjoy meeting us and I have told his care home we will go back to see him again soon. It was an hour out of our lives to make someone else’s day and we enjoyed it as much as Hector seemed to ❤️ Do something kind today and make a difference to someone else’s day. Grant a wish x

Karen Fox

Thank you Karen and Thomas

If you have a spare hour to make someone's day check out your local #wishingwashingline or see local wishes on our website or facebook @fansnetwork. Don't forget to send us your story!