School visits where the children produce work in line with our current theme

Engagement from all parties has been inspirational

We at Abberton Manor are delighted to have a great relationship with Langenhoe Primary School, which was originally fostered through the FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) Scheme.

6 pupils come to visit once a month, for three months. Once they have made 3 visits, the next group of 6 pupils come, until all 18 pupils in the year group have visited. That will take us up to Christmas and then all the pupils will be invited back to Abberton Manor for a Christmas party.

The children are amazing and the residents really enjoy their visits. There is a real buzz of energy (and a lot of noise) as the children show their work and interact with our residents. We, at Abberton Manor, are working in Partnership with Ladder to the Moon to support creativity, innovation and a vibrant care culture. The connection with Langenhoe School fits in with this perfectly and the children produce work in line with whatever our current theme is in the home. In recent months they have contributed to what we have been doing in relation to Fish and Westerns.

The school visits have been rewarding in so many ways, the engagement from all parties has been inspirational , emotional and life affirming... we have a culture based on 'my home life's ideals of relationship centred care and yes this is what we see during these visits the forming and strengthening of individual and group relationships... a real blessing.

Jonathon Walton and Libby Pearson, Activities Coordinator and Care Home Manager, Abberton Manor